PUMS Uniform Data Extracts

Data Sets

CEPR Uniform Extracts of the One Percent Public Use Microsample of the US Census are available to download in Stata 8/9 format, for years 1980-2000. NOTE: The Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics is no longer hosting the extracts. The following is for users who already have the data. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Documentation and Program Files

The following Stata programs create the CEPR PUMS Uniform Extracts. While you can always download the final CEPR PUMS Extracts above, these programs provide clear documentation of the CEPR PUMS variables. In addition, you can edit the do-files to create your own modifications to the CEPR PUMS extracts.

This compressed file contains the following dictionary and do-files:


Please contact us if you publish any research using this data, so we can list your work on our CEPR Uniform Extracts publications page.