CPS ORG Programs

The following Stata programs create the CEPR CPS ORG Uniform Extracts. These extracts are constructed from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) for the years 1979-1993 and the CPS Basic Data from the Census for the years 1994-present. To run these programs from scratch, you will need both. The Merged Outgoing Rotation Group data extracts from NBER are the underlying source of the CEPR CPS ORG extracts for 1979-1993 and can be downloaded here. You can also download the CPS Basic Monthly Data from NBER here. Using CEPR CPS ORG programs on this data will produce the CPS ORG Extracts for these years. Next, you will need the raw CPS Basic data which is available on the Census-BLS CPS FTP page for 1994-present. Using the CPS Basic programs files on this data will produce the CPS ORG Extracts for 1994-present.

The CEPR ORG program files are the major source of information for our CPS ORG extract. The Stata code show the changes we have made to the original raw CPS variables in order to create our extract. To reproduce our extracts from scratch, start with the cepr_org_master.do file. You will have to adjust the directory structure in the cepr_org_master.do file to match the directory structure on your computer for files to run. Also, please note that Windows users will need to download Unix command line utilities in order to add the gzip command to the Command Prompt.

The latest CEPR ORG programs are Version 2.5:

Here are the individual files contained in the zipped file above: