How to Help

A central goal of CEPR’s Data Resource Project is to make consistent, user-friendly versions of the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP), Current Population Survey (CPS), and other datasets we use here at CEPR available to all interested policy researchers and academics. If you find the CEPR extracts useful, you can help us continue to provide this service.

(1) If you use any of the CEPR extracts, please cite them. For example, if you’re using the CEPR SIPP extracts, please cite them as

  • Center for Economic and Policy Research. 2012. SIPP Uniform Extracts, Version 2.1.7 . Washington, DC.

(2) If you use any of the extracts, please send us a copy of your research. We’ll post papers here on the ceprDATA page. You can contact us at ceprdata [at] cepr [dot] net.

(3) If you find our programs or data useful in your own work, please send us a letter saying so. With your permission, we’ll use your letter to help us demonstrate the usefulness of this project to current and potential financial supporters of the CEPR extracts and the ceprDATA web page.

(4) If you find errors in any of our programs, please let us know. We’ll make corrections, post new versions of the programs online, and note the changes in the Update Log.

(5) If you create new variables or improve existing procedures for matching variables over time, please let us know. With your permission, and with credit to you, of course, we’ll incorporate your improvements into the main CEPR extract.

(6) If you find the CEPR extracts particularly helpful, and especially if you are interested in regular updates on a timely basis, please consider making an online donation to CEPR.

(7) You can also follow CEPR’s work on economic issues by signing up for Economic Reporting Review, Mark Weisbrot’s columns, CEPR News, or CEPR’s regular Data Bytes at the CEPR sign-up page.