CPS Uniform Data Extracts


CEPR has prepared several consistent datasets from the Current Population Survey (CPS), available for download in Stata format. Additionally available are the Stata programs used to convert the raw data — available through the National Bureau of Economic Research, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Census Bureau, or the Unicon Research Corporation — into the final CEPR extract. We have also posted general and CEPR-specific documentation on the CPS.

The largest CEPR extract is based on the Outgoing Rotation Group (ORG), which is also known as the “Earnings Files” or the “Quarter Sample” of the CPS. The CEPR ORG extract contains detailed information on individuals’ demographic characteristics, education, and labor-market status, including hourly earnings.

CEPR also releases extracts for the Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC), commonly referred to as the “March CPS”. Every March, Census Bureau collects a series of supplemental information on income, non-cash benefits, health insurance, and work experience.

Other CEPR CPS supplements: the Occupational Mobility and Job Tenure supplement, which comprises the Displaced Workers Survey (every other year from 1994 through 2010) that follows the experience of workers who lose their job; and the Job Tenure extract (also available every other year from 1994 through 2004), which details the length of time workers have been with the same employer.

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