ACS Data

Data Sets

CEPR Uniform Data Extracts of the American Community Survey 1-year PUMS are available to download in compressed Stata (dta) and Comma Separated Values (csv) format, for 2005-2019 samples.

Our Stata programs are the major source for information on our extracts. For the ACS, the programs can be found here. Our Stata code show the changes we made to the original raw ACS variables in order to create our extract. Lists of variable names and value labels can also be found here, along with documentation for the raw ACS data.

The latest version of the CEPR ACS Uniform Extracts is Version 1.6. See the changelog for a complete listing of changes.

In Stata (dta) format:

Each compressed file is about 725MB; uncompressed, each Stata data file is about 2.5GB. If you don’t want to download the data, you can replicate the CEPR ACS Uniform Data Extracts by using our programs.

In Comma Separated Values (csv) format:

Each compressed file is about 1GB; uncompressed, each csv data file is between 5.5GB and 7GB. Note that csv files may not include variable name labels.

For data in other formats, please contact us.


If you use the CEPR Uniform Extracts of the ACS in your research, please cite them as

  • Center for Economic and Policy Research. 2021. ACS Uniform Extracts, Version 1.6. Washington, DC.

For Stata data files, the timestamp and version of your downloaded dataset can be found using the Stata –describe, short–command.

Please contact us if you publish any research using this data, so we can list your work on our CEPR Uniform Extracts publications page.