Baker, Glyn, Howell, and Schmitt

Dean Baker, Andrew Glyn, David Howell, and John Schmitt used this annual dataset (1960-2000) of labor-market institutions and outcomes for twenty major OECD countries in their 2004 paper “Unemployment and Labor Market Institutions: The Failure of the Empirical Case for Deregulation“.

The underlying source of almost all of the dataset is the OECD. This particular version of the data draws heavily on a dataset created by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a chapter called “Unemployment and Labor Market Institutions: Why Reforms Pay Off,” in the April 2003 World Economic Outlook. The IMF, in turn, relied heavily on an earlier a dataset constructed by Steve Nickell and Luca Nunziata.


All of the data, programs, and documentation can be found in the following zip file:

The compressed file above contains the following files:

    • A Stata do-file that describes the sources and definitions of the final dataset.
    • A Stata do-file that describes transformations of the basic variables for use in subsequent analysis.
  • imf_lmi_ready_ver6.dta
    • The Stata 6.0 dataset produced by the two preceding do-files.
  • imf_lmi_ver6.xls
    • An .xls-format spreadsheet version of the same data.
  • LMIDB.pdf
    • A paper by Stephen Nickell and Luca Nunziata called “Labour Market Institutions Database,” which describes the variables that form the basis of the original Nickell and Nunziata dataset.